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BossPitch helps amazing bloggers just like you take your blog income and opportunities into your OWN hands, making more money, booking more deals, and feeling more confident doing what you lovelovelove every single day.


+ I was a busy (like, really busy) college student with NO time to waste

+ I didn’t have a huge following

+ I was afraid of rejection from big brands…

+ ...and I had no idea of how to really reach out to them anyways (“Dear Target...I love you? Ha!)

+ I thought getting sent something for free was like hitting the jackpot

+ I felt destined to a life of #hustle, never able to reach these magical money milestones of Instagram girls


I got sick of struggling to make ends meet while working my BUTT off to create killer content.

And I realized...lots of free stuff? A full inbox of inquiries?

BossPitch helps you make money blogging

All the free shampoo and sweaters in the world can’t pay the rent. And running a successful blog? That costs money, too!


I wanted a change - and I KNEW I could do it! - but there weren't ANY resources online that taught an actual step-by-step process to go from overworked and underpaid to confident and PAID, knowing my worth, negotiating like a boss, and booking four and five-figure deals repeatedly for a full time income from my blog.

I figured it out.


Now, after my 7+ years of blogging,

I get paid the big bucks to work with brands like Starbucks, Disney, Crest, Walmart, Olay, Allstate, Netflix, Capital One and Amazon.

I have more than 50x'd my rate for creating sponsored content (yup, 50).

I went from blogging between classes in my college dorm room, to living my dream life as a full time blogger and influencer with my own 6-figure blog and business.

I've never been more confident as a blogger (even with those crazy changing algorithms!).

I've been on all-inclusive, all-expense paid trips around the world, and I've gone on to be booked out months in advance for sponsored content at MY rate.

I'm someone who started out just like you, with zero followers and zero dollars

Through the strategies and systems I teach in BossPitch, I turned my own blog into a six-figure business with consistent 5-figure months, luxury vacations, and brand partnerships I only DREAMED about when I started blogging in 2013.

Now I'm helping you do the same.

If you want to learn your true worth as a blogger, feel less frustrated when it comes to brand collaborations (or heck, GET brand collaborations!), and make MORE money getting paid the big bucks to do what you lovelovelove...


BossPitch is THE game changer for bloggers and entrepreneurs wanting to collaborate with brands
(+ get paid WELL for it!).

It's the most comprehensive, step-by-step system available today to walk bloggers through brand collaborations from start to finish.

And from students who have seen what else is out there, they've said it's the BEST. (Seriously).


+ Know your value in a saturated industry - and explain it to brands with confidence

+ Craft the perfect pitch for the perfect brand at the perfect time

+ Follow up the right way to get a response

+ Negotiate like a boss to get paid what YOU want

+ Create repeat-worthy relationships with brands that keep coming back for more

+ Spend less time getting more done

+ Maximize your income...with the same content you've BEEN creating on your blog


💰 You'll finish BossPitch with knowledge + understanding that you've NEVER had before, newfound confidence in your blog as a business and bigger paychecks in your pocket.

✉️ Today, sending an email doesn’t guarantee a response, and a response doesn’t guarantee a paycheck.

BossPitch uses real-time industry research, tried and true tactics, and dynamic strategy to build your relationships with brands, effectively pitch + persist, and increase your rates for sponsored partnerships!

Your Instructor

Erica Ligenza
Erica Ligenza

Erica is the founder, content creator, and editor behind Coming Up Roses. She started CUR in 2013 as a rosy distraction to a rigorous life at the Wharton School, fully expecting to graduate college and take on a more traditional 9-to-5 life in corporate marketing or brand strategy.

Instead, Erica went on to partner with brands like Disney, Starbucks, Crest, Capital One, and more on paid brand collaborations. She fell in love with being on the influential side of influencer marketing, and became a full-time content creator in 2016 after making CUR her thriving six-figure business.

Since first launching BossPitch, Erica has helped hundreds of students increase their confidence and their paychecks. She's most passionate about helping other bloggers recognize their own worth and make it happen for themselves, doing what they lovelovelove.

"I have to admit, after taking a TON of courses that have promised on results, I was a bit skeptical. However, I would pay 9 million times more for BossPitch. Not only is it refreshing to learn from someone who is ACTUALLY doing and using the same tools she is sharing, but Erica is a pure genius. Her course helped me go from not being a 100% sure what to actually charge, to knowing my worth and adding tax. I have learned to negotiate with the best of them, and have increased my monthly revenue by 25% on brand deals alone. With the tools and resources from this program, I was able to negotiate and land my first 5 figure deal with a super well known brand that I absolutely adore, as well as countless long term partnerships that have been a dream come true! BossPitch was hands down the most informative program that I have ever taken and it also helps deliver results if you follow Erica’s advice. Trust me if your goal is to grow relationships and make money from brands you love, then BossPitch is for you!"

- Jamie Lewis, Makeup Life and Love

"Before taking BossPitch, I was feeling extremely discouraged with my blogging income. Influencer networks were either asking for tons of work in exchange for either free product or pitiful pay, PLUS rights to using my images as they pleased. I knew that reaching out to brands directly was the way to increasing my income by cutting out the networks, but I was clueless on how to do so, and when I did find a contact, I was frustrated with the next steps.
After taking BossPitch I had a crystal clear idea of the value I bring to brands, and how THEY need ME (not the other way around!!!) to get their products in front of my audience! I learned about the psychology of sales and negotiating. I was terrified to negotiate before, but now, it feels like a game. #hairflip
Now, pitching brands is something I am confident and knowledgable in doing, instead of the dazed and confused feeling before the course.
Erica's no-nonsense approach is engaging, and it feels like a good friend leading the way. I refer back to the course multiple times a quarter during pitching to make sure I don't miss a step. The strategies in BossPitch have allowed me to 10x my sponsored rates...and brands pay them!!!

If your business has outgrown the low-paying networks and you know you're ready for the next step, don't sleep on this. I made my investment back 5x with my first brand partnership after using the skills I gained with BossPitch, and just landed my first ever $7k partnership!"

- Lisette, La La Lisette

"Before finding Erica and BossPitch, I had no idea what I was doing, nor did I have the confidence to actually send pitches. I had sent a couple with zero results based off of pitch "fluff" I found in my research - that was it. Now Erica - she's the real deal. I have taken several other pitch courses since taking BossPitch, and no one lays it out as honestly and brilliantly as Erica does. Because of her, I land most of my pitches and have had valuable long lasting relationships, which is what everyone is looking for!"

- Shannon, Sunny Coastlines

"I went from making $0 to over $15,000 after taking your course!"

- Heidi, Trendy Heidi

“I'm working with so many brands and it's all thanks to BossPitch! Before I was really relying on affiliate and influencer networks. Now I am making money on my own. I finished the course, pitched my first brand, hashed out the details and within two weeks had posted and received compensation. I have so many brands now reaching out to work with me, too. I currently have a list of ten collaborations I am working on! I also have a full-time job and this month I will match my income that I bring in from my paycheck.

Not only have I increasing my monthly income, but I've increased my followers. I was significantly under pricing my sponsored posts and collaborations. I learned what I should be charging and more than tripled my rates. I had no idea how little I was charging and how much I was limiting myself and my business by not pitching and politely persisting. I can't recommend this course enough. Erica gives you the perfect formula for success. If you are ready to take the next step in growing your business, you must sign up for BossPitch!”

- Helen, Hel on Heels

"BossPitch is a MUST-HAVE course for anyone looking to take their blog from a part time hustle to a full-time income. Erica doesn't just break down how to pitch to brands but explains it in a step-by-step formula. Invest in her steps and you'll be collaborating with brands you'd always dreamed of. I secured 2 outstanding brand collaborations within 1 month finishing the course and felt empowered to DOUBLE the asking rate on two other collaborations."

- Kallie, But First Coffee

"Before taking BossPitch, I was feeling discouraged and frustrated with my income through blogging, as I was heavily depending on influencer networks for paid work. It got to the point where it wasn’t enough for me and since I was going full-time with blogging, I knew that I had to find another way to increase my income. BossPitch literally flipped my pitching perspective upside down (in the BEST way possible) and all of the expertise and tools Erica provided (and continues to provide) is nothing short of the best. This course has no “fluff” to it. While Erica encourages us to see our worth and to be confident in that, that’s not what the course is focused on. BossPitch is jam-packed with actual insight and information that is game-changing your pitching game.

After being enrolled in BossPitch for well over a year now, I have more than tripled my rates and more importantly, started BOOKING partnerships at my rates! I have landed partnerships with two of my dream brands which I didn’t think was possible at my size. I was able to land my first 4-figure deal with a brand that I’m really excited about, as well as many other long-term partnerships with brands that I love. I pitched and went on my first ever sponsored trip and was paid on top of it!

While I am constantly creating irresistible content and my stats are always steadily growing, I know that most of my success when it comes to pitching is from taking BossPitch. I’m not awkward and nervous when negotiating or talking to companies anymore. I don’t feel uncomfortable when I need to follow up on emails anymore. I’m not afraid to ask for more anymore. I know and believe in my worth and I won’t settle for anything less in any partnerships. I can craft the perfect pitch email and my response rate is now close to 100%, rather than 10-20% before taking the course. BossPitch has taught me SO much that it’s impossible to list everything here. Everything Erica provides in BossPitch made me become more knowledgable, prepared, and seasoned when it comes to working with brands. Because of everything that I’ve learned I now not only know my worth but I also believe in my worth."

- Summer, Coffee With Summer

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the 6 modules:

+ How to know - and actually calculate! – your worth

+ A checklist on discovering, packaging, and leveraging your unique VALUE

+ The truth about blog networks

+ What to do INSTEAD of worrying about blog niche to land more opportunities

+ The 3 keys to ANY successful brand collaboration

+ Why working for free is the WORST thing you could be doing if you want to grow your income as a blogger

+ 5 things to do to stand out to brands in a saturated industry

+ Why brands should (+ will) want to work with YOU, even if you feel “small”

+ A comprehensive guide to knocking all sponsored work outta the park (without annoying your audience, either!)

+ How to overdeliver consistently

+ How many followers you REALLY need to start working with brands

+ How to know if a brand is right for you NOW

+ A step-by-step guide to figuring out what brands to pitch

+ Walk-through Creative Exercises to help you determine exactly what post ideas to pitch

+ The 2 major keys to crafting the ideal collaboration yourself

+ 30 different project ideas to plan and pitch to brands

+ How to find the ACTUAL contact for any brand you want to collaborate with (the right person!)

+ What (exactly) to say in your pitch, AND what NOT to say

+ WHEN to say it to better your chances of getting an actual reply!

+ Printable List of Subject Line Ideas that work

+ What stats and data are relevant to include

+ 30+ EMAIL TEMPLATES for pitching, following up, re-connecting, and more!

+ How to (politely) persist your way to the deal (no matter what!)

+ The best tools for tracking your pitch progress and staying organized (with downloadable spreadsheets for you!)

+ Three MAJOR KEYS + my secret social media formula for getting a response

+ Follow-up email templates

+ A strategy and system to stay organized through it all

+ How to ask for more without sounding (or feeling!) rude or presumptuous

+ How to actually NEGOTIATE your deals, regardless of who pitched who!

+ Why your Press Kit is your most Non-Negotiable Asset

+ Why simply having a press kit is not enough – and how to make yours truly stand out

+ A foolproof PRESS KIT TEMPLATE to create your own

Contracts 101

+ What needs to be in your contract

+ Legal traps to watch out for!

+ FROM A LAWYER’S DESK: Reading a Brand Collaboration Contract

+ FROM A LAWYER’S DESK: Writing you Own Collaboration Contract

+ The best things to do AFTER your collaboration ends to guarantee another collaboration

+ Emails Templates to reconnect + land repeat work


  • Specific Project Ideas to Pitch Brands
  • Creative Collab Brainstorm Toolkit
  • Tomorrow vs. Today Brand List
  • How to Overdeliver Consistently
  • Subject Line Ideas that Work
  • 25 Blog Networks to join for Sponsored Opportunities
  • Marketing Speak 101 - The language you need to know to be taken seriously by industry professionals

When you join TODAY, you'll also get these bonuses:

"BossPitch is hands-down THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY BLOG. Like there is no if's, ands', or but's about it. Even though I had a general idea of what a pitch should include and how to write one, this course helped me perfect that email and I immediately went from getting maybe a 10% response rate to nearly 100% response rate.

On top of the email responses, I more doubled my rates, made more over the summer with my blog than I did at my internship, and secured my very first four-figure collaboration. If you're stuck with pitching or just getting started, this course will be your game-changer."

- Kirsten, The Wandering Brunette

"BossPitch gave me the confidence to stop working with blogger networks and to take my income into my own hands. It seriously has changed my entire life and business - all of my projects for Q2 are projects I pitched myself, and I'm being paid WAY more than I've ever been paid before. Totally changed the game for me in how I'm able to pitch, negotiate, and work with brands. I made the investment back within the first two months of taking it and now have successfully pitched and signed 3 year-long contracts at 4-figures each!!!

The best part about BossPitch is that Erica has a Facebook group for students where she's easily accessible and able to help her students on an individual level. She does pitch critiques, helps us with negotiating, and is constantly sharing new info as well as updating the course. It's like getting two for one: an amazing course and 1:1 help!"

- Chelsie, Hey there, Chelsie

"Prior to BossPitch, I was feeling overwhelmed with all the unpaid and underpaid partnerships I was signing on to and knew there was something I missing in the way I was communicating with brands to turn my passion into a profitable business. BossPitch taught me how to pitch like a pro and navigate negotiating with brands in numerous situations. Erica is straight to the point and each module is incredibly helpful, absolutely no fluff which I appreciate. I went from relying on influencer networks to reaching out to brands on my own. I also learned how to communicate my value to brands, learn my worth as a creator and increased my rate 5x what I normally charge. Working 1:1 with E, I was able to nearly triple my investment and match my full 5 figure income from 2020 within the first 2.5 months in 2021. I also secured multiple DREAM partnerships within weeks of the 1:1! I have so much confidence pitching and negotiating thanks to BossPitch and Erica’s 1:1. I know my value and am able to communicate that with brands so effectively that my sponsored content calendar is filling up faster than it ever has!"

- Priyanka, Glamour & Giggles


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Get started now!

"The influencer industry can be so tough, especially if you don’t have a background in business but want to be paid fairly for your work… an essential for doing it full-time! Erica is one the most knowledgeable and savvy people I know in the industry, who simultaneously has a heart to help others find the same success she has. BossPitch is a manifestation of that, and I couldn't love it more! After working for very cheap for a company 2-3 times, I finally had the guts to ask to be paid better, and had the knowledge on how to explain why I was worth being paid more in marketing terms. Because of that, it's turned into my highest collaboration yet, with them meeting what I asked for!!!

She lays out how to work with brands and make a living blogging in a clear, simple, yet powerful way. And even more than that, she is always available to answer questions for sticky situations and support whenever needed! She helped me know my worth and stand up for it, in a way that was eloquent and appropriate for building wonderful relationships with brands. Having her as a guide in the stickiness of collaborations led to me eventually doubling what brands were offering me, which for my size and engagement, equated to thousands of dollars. I always recommend her and BossPitch to friends/colleagues who are struggling to make a living blogging because of the difference it made in my career!

- Laurelle, Belle by Laurelle

I started my blog in April 2016. I am passionate about writing and marketing and knew that at some point, I wanted to make it my full time career. Around November - December 2016, I was getting REAL good at having companies want to send me product and I was seemingly content with that. Then I realized...I'm worth WAY more than free. My time is worth more, my audience is worth more and I WAS WORTH MORE.
So, when Erica launched BossPitch for the first time, I was ALL IN. I took the course in less than a week and jumped into pitching head first. My results? Pretty incredible.
1. My rates doubled, almost tripled overnight.
2. Companies ACTUALLY started to pay me, HAPPILY.
3. I had made more money in THREE MONTHS than I had made the ENTIRE YEAR of 2016. Let that sink in.

5 months into 2017, I TRIPLED my income from the last year alone. Tripled. My. Income.
Now, some of that can be attributed to my following/readership/stats in general continually raising, but more than that, I know how to talk to companies and pitch my heart out.
I'm traveling to the Dominican Republic on a press trip in June (thanks to my new-found pitching skills), working with big brand companies, and I quit my 9-5 job. Blogging is my career, and BossPitch was a HUGE part of making that happen.
Take the leap. You will be SO thankful you did. Pinky swear.
- Taylor, Blonde and Ambitious Blog

“I've been blogging for less than a year and charge 4 times the rate of friends with double the readership who have been blogging for 5 years! A lot of that has to do with the confidence gained from Bosspitch and the community around the course. The course really did pay for itself after two sponsored posts and now I continue to see the returns of the investment as limitless. Plus anytime I started to doubt myself or my pricing, it's awesome to be able to hop back in the course, revisit a module, and get a confidence kick in the behind from Erica!”

- Rachel, The Confused Millennial

"BossPitch is in a league of its own and is SUCH an amazing course. I was able to increase my rates, I'm now in constant communication with lots of amazing brands, and BossPitch is what has helped me take my blog from a side-hobby making nothing to a profitable business income.”

- Cara, Kindly Unspoken

“As a new and small blogger, I thought it really helped me to think about how I can still be valuable and pitch myself even thought I might not have a crazy huge audience.

- Cameron, Diary of a Southern Millennial

“BossPitch has completely changed the way I approach brand partnerships. Prior to taking the course, I wouldn't have had the confidence to reach out to a brand and pitch an idea, nor would I have had the confidence to negotiate to make sure I'm being paid what I'm worth. You can quickly make back your investment from BossPitch by implementing the tips Erica shares! Her pricing guide and template emails on exactly what to say to brands have been invaluable.”

- Erin, Very Erin

I just KNOW that BossPitch is the missing piece to your puzzle when it comes to knowing your worth, monetizing your blog, and working with brands. If you're ready to take your blog to the next level and do what you *really* lovelovelove every single day, this is hands down the course + community for you.

I'm so excited to see you in class, BossPitches.

P.S. If you have ANY Q's, email A member of the CUR team will get back to you ASAP with an A to your Q!